Fly to the Canary Islands with Wizz Air’s new route!

It’s no secret that the Canary Islands boast some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. In such a tropical climate, the sun, sand and sea make for a potent antidepressant.

And that’s one of the reasons why people love flying to Tenerife in the Winter. The beaches and the carnivals are amazing, but that’s not the only thing that can be found on the islands. The forests, the caves, and the volcano are also worth taking seeing. No wonder so many people dream of buying a property on Tenerife, it’s more popular than ever!

Wizz Air makes it easy

It is for this very reason that Wizz Air has decided to start a new route taking passengers from Luton Airport to the Canary Islands. Wizz Air is a relatively new airline company. Since inception, it has raced to launch air routes all across Europe. It hasn’t been that active in Spain though. It previously only offered 12 routes inside Spain; this would be an addition to that number.

This move comes months after the collapse of budget tour company, Thomas Cook. Ryanair also announced base closures, of which Tenerife is one. With big competitors not there to offer their services, Wizz Air seized the opportunity.

The thing that Wizz Air has going for it is that despite of not having been in operation for long, the aircraft they operate are quite young. Perhaps this is what Wizz Air UK is banking on to give them an edge over already established competitors in the industry.

Direct flights to the Canary Islands

The Managing Director for Wizz Air UK indicated that they were quite delighted to be able to offer affordable and direct flights to the Canary Islands. And what a way to get things going. This move by Wizz Air comes in response to a move by another competitor.

Jet2, which already had flights going into the island, recently announced that they would increase by 197,000 seat for passengers flying from Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester. And this was just the beginning. They promised to work on their offering and increasing the seating to and from the island for the coming summer of 2020.

But those are not the only competitors to have decided to work on their offerings. EasyJet also increased their places to 16,000 passengers for the coming summer. TUI has increased their places by 2,000 and British Airways will increase seating by 2,000.

This new route offered by Wizz Air came after negotiations with the local government of the islands. The leader of the local government commented that Wizz Air’s capacity of 189 passengers for every trip, making that trip three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Even with rudimentary calculations, this number adds up to more than 30,000 passenger who will have travelled from Luton to Tenerife before the end of Winter. This will work greatly for the tourism of the Canary Islands.…