The Wonders of Tenerife


The Wonders of Tenerife

Are you looking for the perfect holiday destination, but just don’t have any good ideas?

Well, we have something in store you: an incredible island called Tenerife in the Canaries. This is the largest island of all the Canary Islands. It is an amazing place with many wonderful things you’ll want to see. This is a place that is absolutely for everyone, young or old, for adventure seekers or sun-worshippers alike, no matter your preferences this is the spot for you.

When someone asks why Tenerife is so special, the first thing that comes to mind is that this is such a unique place that is perfect at any time of the year. The climate here is ideal, a unique position in the world, it has mild weather that is sunny most days of the year. Never too cold to wear a Winter coat or too hot to blast the air-con. It only rains a few days a year and by the time rain comes, it is welcome for the land needs it! These facts do make Tenerife one of the most loved places to visit in Europe. If you find yourself dreaming of buying a property on Tenerife, you wouldn’t be the first one! Speak to experts on the island, they’ll help you with making the right decision.

Before we tell you more about all the fun activities that you could do, let’s learn a few interesting facts about this special place:

  • Did you know that the flag of Tenerife is the same as the flag of Scotland?
  • You have heard of the yellow canary bird but the Canary islands actually take their name from the word canis, meaning dog in Latin. So these islands are named after their dogs, not their birds.
  • In most of the world, Friday the 13th is considered to be an unlucky date, well here it is not the Friday but Tuesday the 13th that is considered bad luck.
  • La Cueva del Viento is one of the most amazing sites in Europe and it is located right here on Tenerife. Known as the Wind Cave, it is one of the largest volcanic tubes in Europe. This tube is 18 kilometres long. And it ranks up as the tenth-largest volcanic tube in the world.

When coming to Tenerife for the first time, no matter how much time you have, it is never enough to discover all this island has to offer. You always need more time on Tenerife and the time spent here just flies away. It’ll leave you with wonderful memories and a wish to come back soon. From relaxing on the beach, to walking near the famous Mount Teide, or driving down the wine route of Tenerife. If you love history, don’t miss visiting La Laguna in the north of the island. Known as the historical centre of Tenerife, you’ll be charmed by its architecture.

And finally, for wild life and ocean lovers, the southwest coast of the island is just a perfect spot for whale watching. Over 20 species of whales even dolphins can be spotted. This is one more testament of how much Tenerife is a great place and how pristine it is. …

Fly to the Canary Islands with Wizz Air’s new route!

It’s no secret that the Canary Islands boast some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. In such a tropical climate, the sun, sand and sea make for a potent antidepressant.

And that’s one of the reasons why people love flying to Tenerife in the Winter. The beaches and the carnivals are amazing, but that’s not the only thing that can be found on the islands. The forests, the caves, and the volcano are also worth taking seeing. No wonder so many people dream of buying a property on Tenerife, it’s more popular than ever!

Wizz Air makes it easy

It is for this very reason that Wizz Air has decided to start a new route taking passengers from Luton Airport to the Canary Islands. Wizz Air is a relatively new airline company. Since inception, it has raced to launch air routes all across Europe. It hasn’t been that active in Spain though. It previously only offered 12 routes inside Spain; this would be an addition to that number.

This move comes months after the collapse of budget tour company, Thomas Cook. Ryanair also announced base closures, of which Tenerife is one. With big competitors not there to offer their services, Wizz Air seized the opportunity.

The thing that Wizz Air has going for it is that despite of not having been in operation for long, the aircraft they operate are quite young. Perhaps this is what Wizz Air UK is banking on to give them an edge over already established competitors in the industry.

Direct flights to the Canary Islands

The Managing Director for Wizz Air UK indicated that they were quite delighted to be able to offer affordable and direct flights to the Canary Islands. And what a way to get things going. This move by Wizz Air comes in response to a move by another competitor.

Jet2, which already had flights going into the island, recently announced that they would increase by 197,000 seat for passengers flying from Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester. And this was just the beginning. They promised to work on their offering and increasing the seating to and from the island for the coming summer of 2020.

But those are not the only competitors to have decided to work on their offerings. EasyJet also increased their places to 16,000 passengers for the coming summer. TUI has increased their places by 2,000 and British Airways will increase seating by 2,000.

This new route offered by Wizz Air came after negotiations with the local government of the islands. The leader of the local government commented that Wizz Air’s capacity of 189 passengers for every trip, making that trip three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Even with rudimentary calculations, this number adds up to more than 30,000 passenger who will have travelled from Luton to Tenerife before the end of Winter. This will work greatly for the tourism of the Canary Islands.…

Fall in love with the Balearic Islands

Who doesn’t look forward to going on a vacation, right?

If you like Spanish food and culture, there are a lot of beautiful places you can visit between the Spanish mainland and its islands. If you’re traveling from Europe, head for the Balearics. Discover Mallorca on a motorbike, take a stroll in historical Menorca, dance till you drop in Ibiza, or get away from it all in dreamy Formentera.

If you’re after sunny weather, you can pretty much go there any time of year. Summertime is hot and very busy with tourists so avoid if you’re in need of tranquillity. If you plan to explore and travel during your vacation, renting a car is easy to organise from the airport.

There’s plenty to do in the Balearics, each island has something special and interesting.

If you like architecture, you’ll love Palma de Mallorca. In Mallorca, you can visit beautiful churches, monasteries, and old villages. The architecture of Mallorca is beautiful and it’s no wonder many wealthy Europeans buy property there. If you like medieval architecture, take a trip to the medieval walled town of Alcúdia. The medieval walled town of Alcúdia is located in the north of the island. This is one of the best-preserved medieval towns. Near one of these churches, tourists can visit the archaeological site of the Roman city of Pollentia.

For a family vacation, you should visit Menorca. Although close to Spain and France and easily accessible by Ferry, this small island is not as frequented by tourists, and favored by Spaniards. So if you want a real taste of Spanish life, you’ll be spoiled. Do rent a car so you can visit both Mahon and Ciutadella.

Formentera simply has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and a hippy vibe.  One of the best ways to get around the island is via bicycle. If you want to feel the history of the island, you should visit the historic town of Sant Francesco de Formentera.

If you’re going on a vacation with friends, and you’re looking for a party destination, there is no better place than Ibiza. Ibiza is famous for its amazing nightlife, techno clubs, boat parties and beach bars. However, you’ll also discover beautiful nature and coastline, as well as its charming Old Town of Eivissa. It was once a medieval town, and that atmosphere can still be found within the walls of the town.

So now that you found out a bit more about the Balearic islands, have you decided which one you want to visit first?…

Get The Most Out of Tenerife

Tenerife Sun

Escaping the Winter is always a good idea but finding an affordable place where to go is hard. Although it is cheap to stay in India or Thailand, flying there is onerous and it’s too far away to go for a couple of weeks. But luckily, in Europe, we have access to beautiful islands with warm weather all year round. One of those is Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canaries. It is famous among tourists because it has stunning beaches with gold and black sand. It also has an active volcano and unique ecology. As well as breathtaking landscapes, you’ll scroll through pretty towns. This island should be on the list of places to visit at least once in their life.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Tenerife, and the first thing most people do is going to the beach. Most of the beaches on Tenerife are lined with sand, and this is great if you dislike rocky beaches. You can enjoy walks by the waterside without worrying about stepping on rocks.

If you want to spend your day on an unusual beach, you should visit Playa Jardín. This beach is lined with black volcanic sand. Playa Jardín is located on the north side of Puerto de la Cruz. Apart from the beach, you can visit some of the restaurants that are located nearby. When the sky is particularly clear, you can even see the tip of the volcano.

Apart from Playa Jardín, Playa de las Americas is also very famous for tourists. This beach is fun for the young crowd because it is famous for its great nightlife. Most of the beaches have the option of renting a chair, and only for a couple of euros, so if you want to spend your day lying around and enjoy the sound of the waves with a book, you’ll be in paradise.

One of the best ways to feel the soul of the country you are visiting is to try some of its local dishes. Most of the restaurants on Tenerife serve traditional Canarian or Spanish food, and in some, you can find local traditional dishes. You should take your time and try most of their traditional meals. One of the best ways to see Tenerife island is to rent a car and drive through the countryside. You can take tours with tour guides or boat rides, but the best way to get the best of it is to lose the map and head on the adventure.

If you want to have the adventure of the lifetime, you should spend one whole day to take a road trip to Teide National Park, it is actually an active volcano. If you want to reach the top of the volcano, you can do so with a cable car, it’s fun! The cable car will take you on a height of 11,500 feet, and you will have a great view of the whole national park.

And for history lovers, you should visit the historic town of La Orotava.

This was just a brief account of the many things you’ll enjoy on Tenerife, but there’s so much more! We can’t wait for you to tell us your favourite bit!…

Traveling solo doesn’t mean being alone

When you are traveling solo, it doesn’t mean that you should be alone throughout time. It just means that you are traveling on your own, without friends and family going with you. But, you can make friends along the way, or go with a tour group. Here are some ways on how you can make friends when you are traveling solo. To ensure that you have fun with friends. Even, if this is local friends that you have made in the country that you are traveling in.

Going to the places where locals go to at night

This is the best way on how you can make some friends with locals. To go to the places where locals go to at night. Nightclubs or bars where the locals hang out. And, to start a conversation with the one closest to you.

You can start talking about anything. You should just remember that you should never tell anyone that you are traveling solo. This can be dangerous in any country. Just being friendly and smiling to everyone, will make someone talk to you. 

Start making a conversation with people next to you in the tour group

When you are going abroad with a tour group, you will still not know anyone in the group for the first couple of days. And, this can stay this way if you don’t make an effort to get to know the other tourists in the group.

The trick is to start talking to the person next to you. The one that is sitting next to you on the dinner table or that sits next to you on the flight. The sooner you start talking, the sooner you will be able to make friends. 

Make sure that you are open-minded and able to talk to strangers 

To make friends while you are traveling solo can be hard. This is why you should be open-minded. You need to make sure that you are able to talk to strangers, otherwise, your trip is going to be lonely. It is a problem that many tourists are facing. Not being able to talk to strangers, and not able to make some new friends along the way.

When you are traveling solo, you can still have fun with someone. It can be someone in the tour group, or a local that you have met. There is no reason why you should feel lonely, on a solo trip. You just need to make the first move and starts talking to the person next to you.